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At David H Wright we offer a variety of all wood garage doors to protect your property and your vehicles.

Security is equally important to a homeowner both inside and outside the home. Not only do we value the safety of our house itself, but we desire that our garage and garden are kept safe and secure also. In this instance, garage doors need to be strong, durable and functional, offering the owner a definite sense of security and protection. Our expert craftsmen can ensure that your garage door is specially designed to suit the needs of you and your family, because as we all know, different people will utilize their garage in very different ways.

You can choose from a variety of wood, including Accoya® – Accoya® wood is sustainably-sourced wood, ideal for the environmentally aware customer. This wood is permanently modified right down deep to the core which means that is becomes extremely hard wearing and durable as well as a stunning choice from an aesthetic point of view. We can offer Accoya® and many other choices of wood, in an extensive range of British Standard Colours which we are positive will compliment your garden and home for a long time to come.

All our wood garage doors provide the utmost security combined with sought-after, popular and stylish traditional looks. We offer many operating systems; from the traditional butt-hinged swing doors to the more contemporary folding electrically operated doors. This means that whatever your preference and needs, we are guaranteed to be able to provide it for you.

All our carefully crafted garage doors come pre-finished with our tri-coating system, making sure your garage door is fully protected against the elements; offering durability, reliability and above all, security for you and your home.

Ready to start your project?

Whether your project is just an idea, or the design has already been drawn up, we’re here to help. Come to us at at the start and we’ll commission an architect for you, then look after everything from concept to completion. Or visit us with architect’s plans and we’ll help you build it, beautifully.

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