At David H Wright we offer a variety of all wood gates to protect you, your property and your vehicles.

The gates to your home are an important and personal consideration. You want them to provide safety and security for your property, but also you want them to enhance the look of the exterior of your home, to give it that extra finish and style that is so important. Gates are a big investment, and it is important to ensure you choose a design and style that will last years, and will grow with the look of your home, always complimenting it and augmenting its beauty.

When choosing a gate design from David H Wright, you will have the luxury of choosing from a variety of hardwoods. Everyone prefers a different style and look of wood, so the variance of both softwood and hardwood means that all our unique customer tastes are catered for. Each of these woods also come in an extensive range of British Standard Colours to compliment your garden and home.

Specially handmade and crafted by our skilled staff, our gates are designed to fit perfectly to your property and can be rendered to a style that suits you. All our gates are made from Accoya® timber to reduce swelling and warping in intense weather conditions, ensuring you have a secure and working gate all year round. We use Accoya® timber for our gates because it has the special advantage of being treated and modified to its core, so that it is hard wearing and durable and will stand the test of time.

We hang our gates with traditional butt hinges and again you will be able to choose from a wide range of different handles, latches and closers – both contemporary and traditional; to suit your aesthetic and practical needs.

Constructed with

made with accoya
teknos high quality coatings