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Accoya® windows and doors

Accoya® wood is an engineered superior performance softwood timber now available to all David H Wright Joinery customers. This means any windows, doors, conservatories or orangeries that we manufacture can now benefit from extended life and even less maintenance.

Accoya® wood is chemically treated with acetic acid which changes the properties of the wood right to the core. Paint finishes last on average 3 to 5 times longer and swelling is reduced by 75%. This means that windows and doors, that require a tight seal, remain free of ‘sticking’ all year round.

What’s more, the timber used in manufacture is extremely fast growing; coupled with a carbon-neutral treatment process, Accoya® offers exceptionally low environmental impact – making it perfect for emerging Eco projects.

All Accoya® manufactured products are available in our full range of finishes, and down to its versatility, can be used for all manner of applications.

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Sustainable materials used in our timber windows and doors

European oak windows and doors

David H Wright Joinery can produce windows and doors in a myriad of different timbers that have specialist or traits that render them suitable for specific conditions.

Our range of timbers incudes Accoya®, and sapele hardwood as well as many other options including European oak and redwood softwood. Certain woods are more susceptible to absorbing moisture and swelling, which could mean that they are not ideal in external environments.

European oak is naturally a very durable material. It is renowned for its fantastic finish and its grainy texture. We generally stain the wood to improve protection from the environment that it will encounter.

Wooden window frame manufacture

Sapele hardwood windows and doors

This is a hardwood that is perfect for windows or doors. It is very durable and is also very resilient as well as dense in its makeup and strong as a result. We use sapele extensively and it can be used for heritage windows.

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