Storm-proof windows

David H Wright has an abundance of expertise and skill, and we are very experienced in crafting individually designed, tailor made windows for a wide range of property types. Some customers request that their home be installed with storm and weather proof windows. This may be particularly relevant for a property that is situated in an area that is exposed to severe weather, such as coastal regions or in remote, mountainous areas. Equally, some owners of traditional or period properties feel their home would benefit from having storm proof windows put in. A ‘heritage’ property would also benefit from storm proof windows mainly because of their size and style.

There are several benefits to having storm or weather proof windows installed in your property. Our storm proof windows boast a concealed drainage system within the glass rebates. This redirects the rain water harmlessly away. Also, they are all double glazed, which will ensure the efficiency of a modern window, while at the same time maintaining a traditional look and feel. No-one wants a storm proof window to ‘look’ like a storm-proof window. This way, our windows are tougher and can endure more rough weather, while at the same time visually performing like a stylishly designed frame.

Other benefits of storm proof windows include lower insurance premiums on your home, as well as better sound insulation due to the tougher nature of the window. These windows are also more energy efficient, therefore benefiting your home in several ways.

View our gallery below to see the storm-proof windows we have manufactured and installed in homes in Harrogate, Bramham, York, Leeds and surrounding areas.

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