Bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors offer the latest in style along with practical, space saving designs to suit your individual needs.

Where an unusual shape of room might require a bi-folding door, David H Wright can ensure that a specialist shape of door is crafted to fit that unique space. Perhaps a room would benefit from bi-folding doors due to the needs of the owner; perhaps due to their mobility or personal needs. Or maybe just the highly modern, unique and stylish design is something that they desire in their kitchen, living room or office, allowing the outside space to be beautifully and instantly accessible.

At David H Wright Joinery, all our bi-folding doors are manufactured using Accoya® timber and pre-finished in a variety of British Standard Colours along with brass or nickel fittings. They are functional, yet beautiful and we have an amazing amount of customer satisfaction with this impressive design.

As well as style, our bi-folding doors offer the best in security and energy efficiency in an ever more environmentally aware society. Using the latest in Ecoglass technology, your bi-folding doors will have an energy efficiency rating of A-C depending on the specifications you choose. We also feature the latest in security with CISA anti-bump locking systems. So, this style of window is not only modern and attractive, but it is efficient and will save you money.

Bi-folding doors offer the special advantage of being able to make the most of your space with various stacking and hinging options, complete with a slave door for ease of access. We know that you will love our truly bespoke and tailored products to suit you and your home.

View our gallery below of wood bi-folding doors we have lovingly manufactured and installed in homes across Leeds, West Yorkshire, York and Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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Whether your project is just an idea, or the design has already been drawn up, we’re here to help. Come to us at at the start and we’ll commission an architect for you, then look after everything from concept to completion. Or visit us with architect’s plans and we’ll help you build it, beautifully.

Bi-folding doors gallery

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