The conservatory has become a much-loved addition to many homes in the UK, and at David H. Wright, we pride ourselves on a strong track record of creating beautiful and strong conservatories for many satisfied customers.

We will deal with every aspect of your conservatory design, because we understand the importance of giving special attention to every tiny detail. We will draw up plans; ensure that planning applications run as smoothly as possible, and we will investigate conservation area restrictions also. We will take the utmost care in ensuring that your finished conservatory offers your comfort and satisfaction and that it is sympathetic to your home’s original style and period design.

Accoya® conservatories

We use specialist timber for all our conservatories. Our favourite material is Accoya®, due to its long lasting and sustainable properties. Accoya® conservatories are built to last and will require very little maintenance in the future; making them a sound investment for your home.

Conservatory roofing

Our conservatory roofing has aluminium powder-coated capping. This is an attractive finish to the roof of your conservatory, and it is also economic and practical. It can be tailored especially to the shape of your conservatory roof, and is lightweight, easy and quick to put in place. It is excellent weather-proofing for your new conservatory and will ensure that the structure is offered the best protection against the elements. Our conservatory roofs are also cleverly equipped with roof vents, which improve climate control and comfort, and also make your conservatory virtually maintenance free.

Conservatory bases

The base of the conservatory is also given full consideration and planning by the craftsmen at David H Wright. We oversee the delivery of supplies and that the base laying goes smoothly and to the original plan. The base of your new addition has to be perfect, to ensure that construction of the glazing aspect is successful. We also give ongoing maintenance as the installation continues to make sure that every little detail of the plans is adhered to.

Sustainable hardwoods or Accoya® are used in the construction of all our conservatory bases, and are treated and pre-finished with Teknos microporous paint, which is available in an extensive range of British Standard Colours. Also, as is important with every conservatory when it is being added to an existing home, all bases are carefully matched to the original building in stone, brick or render.

View our gallery below of wood conservatories we have lovingly manufactured and installed in homes across Leeds, York, Harrogate and beyond.

Ready to start your project?

Whether your project is just an idea, or the design has already been drawn up, we’re here to help. Come to us at at the start and we’ll commission an architect for you, then look after everything from concept to completion. Or visit us with architect’s plans and we’ll help you build it, beautifully.

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