Traditional wood sash windows

Traditional timber sash windows have stood the test of time, which is a testament to their classic beauty and style. A popular and stylish choice, wood sash windows are graceful and enhance the look of any home, particularly those of the Georgian and Victorian era. However, we have also installed these on modern homes, as they pleasantly cohere with any style of building.

Our traditional wood sliding sash windows come with a variety of fitting options and an extensive range of British Standard Colours for you to choose from. This means that you can choose a fitting that best suits your taste and needs, without any limitations.

We hand-craft our sash windows in the traditional way, with hardwood timber frames which are all fitted with modern draught seals which protect them from the elements. Our expert craftsmen are specially trained to ensure the best fit for your windows and the advanced design of the draught seals we use shows both quality and endurance over time. You want your home to be warm – and so do we.

We offer both a lead weight and nylon sash cord operation, or alternatively spring operation. Each of these operations offers a different sash window experience, which is personal to the needs of the customer – so we will ensure you get a full explanation of how these will work in your new windows.

All wood windows are pre-finished and come complete with brass or chrome fittings. This enables us to provide a swift installation and the choice of brass or chrome will enable you to choose the look that is right for your home. Every customer is unique, every home is special and our excellent quality sash windows will ensure that your home has the perfect, finished look.

View our gallery below to see the wood sash windows we have manufactured and installed in homes in Harrogate, Wetherby, York, Leeds and surrounding areas.

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